From initial design to solving the most difficult logistical challenges – and at every step in between – Ferra Engineering have got everything under total control.

We will instil you with utmost confidence – in the quality of our products, the transparency of our systems, the accuracy of our testing and the calibre of our personnel. We would be delighted to prove it to you. Contact us now and put us to the test.

Experienced Project Management

In today’s increasingly competitive global environment, Ferra fully understand it is imperative that we engineer extremely competitive solutions based on the life cycle of the product.

Similarly, the timely delivery and integration of innovative new systems and processes is critical for the overall success of the platforms….and it takes a highly experienced Project Management team such as ours to quickly bring it all together, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Ferra uses best practice project management tools and principles, and pays strict attention to risk identification and mitigation.

Innovative Design

Ferra’s success stems from innovative designs based on proven manufacturing principles. For best results, we are typically integrated into the program from the start up phase, but can step in at any stage of the process to provide you with value for money and expertise. Our design services include:

  • Development of engineering systems
  • Through-life-support engineering processes
  • Lifecycle management
  • Capability development
  • Information and knowledge management
  • Procurement
  • Material flow
  • Engineering solutions modelling
  • Component design/redesign
  • Process modification/enhancement
  • Drafting


Ferra has invested in a large scale development program specifically for the high speed machining of aerospace materials. The developed technologies and processes have allowed us to push the boundaries of machining; we now produce titanium components with a level of complexity, quality and efficiencies far beyond standard benchmarks.

Our machining division is exceptionally well equipped, with over 38 CNC machines. Capacity is predominantly state of the art modern five axis machines with 18,000 – 25,000 rpm spindles, ranging in size from 500 mm (20”) to 3.3m (130”).

The advanced machining know-how, plus size, number and capacity of our machines makes Ferra a major global capacity in this specific field.

Advanced Assembly

From mechanical benchtop assembly and testing through to manufacture of complex structures including integration of electrical system interfaces, testing and qualification, it all comes together at Ferrra Engineering.

Our Assembly Process incorporates:

  • Bearing installation, bearing swaging, roller swaging, bearing staking, anvil staking, ball staking, proof-loading and testing.
  • Bushing installation, sizing, press-fit and shrink fit.
  • Lee plug installation.
  • Helicoil & Kato inserts, Keensert, Rosan Fittings and threaded fastener installation.
  • Riveting (cherry max, cherry lock, blind rivets).
  • Mechanical and sub-assemblies (nutplates, huckbolts, lockbolts, clinch nuts, Hi-Lok, Hi-Shear).
  • Lanyards and lockwire/safety wire assemblies.
  • Fatigue Technologies – Cold work.
  • Electrical assembly (crimping, soldering, potting), harness assembly, wire & cable assembly.
  • Ground stud installation, torquing and electrical bond testing.
  • Cable swaging and pull testing.
  • Certified Clickbond installation and testing to CBPS206 & CBPS207 plus LMA-PK004A.
  • Primers, Sealant, Loctite, Silicone and Adhesive sealing to all Aerospace Specifications.

Consolidation of Components/Kitting Services

Ferra offers complete kitting services, which greatly streamlines the flow of components to the OEM’s assembly line, which in turn supports your Lean Manufacturing and Best Practice initiatives. Our comprehensive kitting services are so advanced, we can deliver components across continents –we can supply complex kits to your plant anywhere in the world.

This will do more than add value. It will reduce scheduled lead-time as well as risk.

So now you can schedule projects with confidence knowing that all resources are in place.

Fully Integrated Logistics

Ferra offers genuine one-stop logistics solutions.

Our multiple sites provide other exclusive benefits. We can leverage the individual benefits of all our sites, for procurement, processing and assembly, to develop the best value for money for our customers. Only Ferra can provide this unique and valuable discriminator.

We provide land, air and sea transportation services and also handle an increasingly wide range of additional logistics tasks on your behalf.

Or allow you to keep stocks in appropriate locations for faster response and more efficient project management.

In fact, because we have so many locality choices, for us logistics is PART of the manufacturing process.

As well as this, we can:

  • reduce lead times
  • provide the lowest risk options
  • improve information flow
  • boost overall project efficiency and quality, and
  • simplify administrative routines.

Ferra offers both tailored and standardised integrated logistics solutions, ranging from supply chain management and dedicated or shared warehousing to cross-docking and value added services.